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I draw stuff.






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Drawing is my life, but I am also a Novelist who seeks to publish her works in due time. I draw art of my book characters as well as characters of my friends and/or roleplay.

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Backburner-> :iconbramwind:

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:icontigeythemighty: Finished their end, Working on mine!

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Fantroll Ancestor - The Explorer by Novasiri
Fantroll Ancestor - The Explorer

The Explorer, the Ancestor of Polair Boalus. Not much really is known about this rather monstrous beast of a troll. He’s big, burly, and can probably punch through a few feet of rock and ice. What is known is that he was the first troll known to openly map and chart the frozen wastes of Alternia and the arctic waters there in.

Ironically enough, The Explorer was not only know for living in the most unforgiving environment on the Planet, but also holding probably the warmest of blood pushers. Being more than hospitable to anyone who trekked into his frozen domain. At times he is jokingly called the ‘Abominable Snow Troll’ or ‘Teddy Bear’ by his matesprit.

Art/Character -> Novasiri (me)
Soon to appear -> rioard-and-polair
Trolls -> Andrew Hussie

Fantroll Ancestor - The Don by Novasiri
Fantroll Ancestor - The Don

The Don, the Ancestor of Rioard Jandes. The Don is known for one primary reason, well.. actually it’s good that you don’t know him. This highblood is the leader of the Troll Mafia! The Troll Godfather himself. However he is often called ‘Donny’ or ‘Big Daddy’ by his Quad mates. The Don is BIG. Like ten feet tall big.I follow the silly headcanon that Indigos are damn huge. 

The Troll Mafia operates separately from the Subjuggalo culture and Cult, as The Don prefers subtly, deception and nasty plots over brutal law enforcement.

Finally finished this monster.. now to work on explorer and get ready for the event.

Art - Fantroll -> Novasiri (me)
Soon to be featured in -> rioard-and-polair
Trolls -> Andrew Hussie

Burning Purification - PG 6 by Novasiri
Burning Purification - PG 6
So I'm a moron and forgot to post this on DA after posting on tumblr a while ago. Shows how much more I update shit there than here.

Page 6 of ???

OFF -> Mortis Ghost
Homestuck -> Andrew Hussie
Commission - Naesala (Fire Emblem) by Novasiri
Commission - Naesala (Fire Emblem)
Commission for :iconxvi-midnightdreamer:. She requested an image of her favorite character I guess? Naesala from Fire Emblem

I finished this days before, but I had to wait until I received payment and the commissioner received the finished image first before posting!



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Mmmm.. mmm... depends really. I don't really have much writing muse as of RIGHT now.. but maybe some day.
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