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I draw stuff.






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I draw lots of fantasy stuff.

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MS - Carrying by Novasiri
MS - Carrying

‘Oh Empress, Vryer please don’t drop us!!’

‘I’m not going to drop you!!’

‘I estimate about twenty percent truthfulness, and a remaining eighty percent sarcasm in your tone, Vryer.’


‘We’re dead, we’re dead, we’redeadwe’redead!!!’

So yeah, my characters from maplestory . Vryer the Demon Avenger, Liear the Xenon, and Eybis the Luminous. They each have their own individual personalities, and possibly back stories.. as I like doing that with characters I make.  (Read more if you want to know about them. Idc.)

Vryer served in the Ex-Commander’s armies, then left once the war of the Black Mage was over. Tried to live a simple life, as he became attached to the world, but you can’t really hide yourself too well when you’re a demon in Maple World. Becoming more of a mercenary for mesos sort of deal…. When the Ex-commander returned and joined the Resistance, Vryer followed suit. But tends to do things on his own due to his horribly short temper. Claudine isn’t fond of him, but knows they need his strength.

Liear is one of the possibly many failed Xenoroids after the original, Xenon, escaped. He was of the Neo Lotus model, and when Gleimer couldn’t quite control him, well.. he was tossed. He wandered for the most part, trying to set a name for himself while avoiding drones that would send him into the scrap heap in the Eldestein junkyard. Until he encountered Vryer during the Operation against Black Heaven, whom brought the dysfunctional and oddly sassy Xenoroid into the Resistance. They hold a.. shaky, friendship.

And poor, poor Eybis.. One of the disciples of Aurora who dabbled a bit too far into dark magic, and now is a split personality controlling the same body, at the same time. Both halves controlling their representative side. He came across the duo above while trying to wrestle with control of his other half.. in a rather hilarious arguing bout.. in Ellina forest. Vryer and Liear often just refer to whcih ever side as ‘Light’ and ‘Dark’, to make things easier. Eybis uses ‘We, Us, and Our’ when describing himself, and their magic affinity switches at random based on which side is more in control.

*cough* I put too much time into this sheit..

Darket Academy - Makumbo Mubarak by Novasiri
Darket Academy - Makumbo Mubarak

Oh boy, about time I joined a group with this guy and got him active again. Here we go~


Housing/Class: Green Beam Class

Name: Makumbo Mubarak, often prefers his first name or 'Mak'

Age: 17... ish? ( He never bothered to count, simply goes by his appearence age. )

Race: Primordial ( Null Sphere )

*Excerpt from the Tome of the Arcanium. - An outer planar race of creatures formed from the combined mass of the primary elements of the multiverse. Commonly refereed to as Elementals, they are typically solitary creatures that keep to their homeworld of the Elemental Planes/Elemental Chaos; and are ruled by a solitary 'Lord' figure in each sphere. Rarely are they seen outside of the Planes unless summoned by force by magi, or through temporal fluxations causing a break through in the veil between the Planes and the Outer Realms.  Though commonly genderless, some may take predominantly Female, Male or even monsterous forms; research has been inconclusive of why this is.

There are 7 Major types of Primordial ranging from the Prime 4 of Fire, Water, Earth and Wind, to the more elusive and powerful Void, Matter and Null. Information regarding individual spheres is mostly unknown due to the high risk of death of information gathering. As with the toxicity of relations between Primordials and the Outer Realms/Multiverse.*

Occupation: N/A

Abilities/Skills :

Null Magic Domination - As with any Primordial, Makumbo has dominion and control over his respective Element. This being 'Null' or best known by the Arcanium as 'Time Aspect and Arcane Flows'. While passivly his element grants him resistance to many magic schools, it's main strength allows him access to jump back and forward through time, even pausing it where he an move freely.He commonly uses the former to avoid contact with those he finds unsavory, and rarely travels backwards due to understanding the 'Butterfly Effect' in depth.

Rarely does Makumbo use this ability to actually Stop Time however, unless the situation is in dire need of it. Due to the actual activity of Stopping Time draining a great deal of his energy; often leaving him comatose afterward. Like wise, jumping forward in time can and will fatigue Makumbo is used for extended periods of time, or if he jumps too far. He typically keeps his jumps between 1-5 minuets. Enough to travel.

The Arcane Flows part simply means the nature of his magic based attacks. Nulling Energy often appears as a blue flame like wisp material, neither burning like fire, or being cold like water. It seems to be a strange neutral middle road. The energy itself deals harm by disintegration, as Null can also be short for 'Nullification' or the rendering of something obsolete/destroyed. His 'hair' is this same strange flame like energy.. but it seems safe enough to touch.

Nullic Energy can have some anti-gravity effects as well when used properly. Makumbo tends to use this to his advantage as he's a bit on the... frail side. His physical strength is next to nothing, and he also tends to float around more than walk. He also tends to levitate various objects he's holding. It's not uncommon to see him levitating a book in front of him as he reads.. while floating around campus while going from points A to B.

Hyper Intelligence - Null energy is linked to the mind, so it's no surprise Makumbo has a great amount of intellect around him. However this has one major draw back. Not only does Makumbo have difficulty thinking 'Creatively', but he seems to be locked into a constant state of 'logic'. Thinking out of the box seems to confuse him, and even break him from time to time. Be mindful.


Makumbo rarely speaks unless called upon and spoken to. He keeps his words short, often in a soft tone, and typically will never look you in the eye in any case. This can be brought across as very introverted behavior, and you'd be right. He sports quite a reserved manner and has a tenancy of avoiding large crowds of people or confrontation in general. And although his knowledge is great, he shows a vast amount of confusion on any cultures outside of his own, showing that he doesn't leave the Planes very much..

However, if you get him to talk, you'll find he can be incredibly cryptic even secretive in anything he says or does. He speaks loosely of friends else where, even a 'sister' at times; but rarely will mention names. If asked, you'll find Makumbo may try to dodge your question, or even change the subject entirely if he feels it's too personal to him. Don't expect to get much out of him at first, persistence is key.

Even so, Makumbo is quite fascinated with technology. No matter how complex or simple. He's alwaya wanting to disassemble something to learn about it. Finding a strange child-like curiosity in it all. It tends to be a surefire way to bribe him.

Likes: Technology, spicy food, magic, dragons??, books, reading, quiet places, libraries

Dislike: Obnoxiously loud music, easy math problems, sweet food, loud places, places with too much light


What indeed happened to Makumbo, that is the question; though he seems unwilling to tell past a certian point. What he will say is more of the recent times and how he came to darket, and some breif time before it. Makumbo hails from a place known as 'The Elemental Planes'. He won't say much on his home sphere the 'Null Plane' but he does tell of loneliness, wanderlust, and absolute boredom.

He's been to Earth before, but he won't say how or when, but he seems to know people from that time. When ever long or near ago it was. But in the now he explains as follows.

"Mankind has indeed changed a lot since I last saw it. But I came here to learn, I came here to learn about what I don't know about this world. Its' mysteries, what it has to offer. My last visit wasn't like that, it was different... I met many people at that time, some that remain with me.. but I rather not talk to you of those times. We're focused on now.

I had grown bored at home, reading every tome, book and scroll I could get my hands on. I craved more, I wanted to see the world outside of my home. Outside of the Planes. So.. I left. I entered my old gateway, and began to wander. And my wanderings have brought me here... Simple as that... What is with that look? .... No you're not getting any more out of me. I don't trust you enough with that.. Now leave me alone."


- 'Timo' is a Mimic that is always seen around Makumbo, well.. most of the time. He was received from a dear friend in Makumbo's far past, and has remained by the Primordial's side since then. A mimic is a odd, six-eyed, black and mixed white splottched creature that can possess other wise inanimate objects to alow them to animate. He is incapable of speach unless he is wearing a special trinket Makumbo has made for him. Though 9 times out fo 10, he remains silent and makes soft 'trilling' noises. Like a weasel almost.

Timo has recently taken up hidding in a stuffed dragon plushie that Makumbo always keeps around him when he's not attending class or outside in the day time. Sunlight is horrifyingly dangerous for Timo, and Makumbo goes through great lengths to make sure he's never exposed to it.

- Makumbo does not need to consume food or drink to survive. And does so more as a luxury.

- Being a Primordial, Makumbo has no internal organs... or well.. bone structure as a matter of fact. His body is made up of gelatinized Null Energy, as most energy based Primordials are like this; excluding Earth types. Squeezing him has been found to be akin to hugging a doll or a jellyfish.. or a combination of both. Very odd.

- Makumbo does not sleep, nor requires it. Expect to see him up and active at all hours.

- He has quite a bloody past, do some digging and he might tell you everything about it.

- The Bracelet on Makumbo's left wrist acts akin to a personal computer, but does not run off of electricity. It instead feeds off of Makumbo's own energy to remain powered. Making it a Magical Artifact rather than a piece of technology. The bracelet can act as a phone, computer, hologram projector, and Makumbo claims it has room for improvement.

- Makumbo always has his pocketwatch with him, as it's chain is embedded in his chest and unable to be removed. He won't tell anyone why however, or what the watch actually does. But it seems to have some magical resonance to it...



Makumbo Mubarak - (c) Novasiri
Elder Scrolls - Makzandel Athrrel by Novasiri
Elder Scrolls - Makzandel Athrrel
I drew my Skyrim character. He's a dwemer, yes... hush. Let's just say he's alive due to a severe miscalculation when calibrating a Temporal Flux in one of his Time Pods...

He's a Chronomancer, AKA Time Mage.
Fantroll - Corvus Siclar by Novasiri
Fantroll - Corvus Siclar
God I made a 4th one...

Enjoy this hemo anon piece of trash.. I'll write a proper bio out for him later~

Character-> Mine.
Trolls/Homestuck -> Andrew Hussie



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